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Dwike Invoice Release Note

Release Notes

2.0.1 REV 01

Release Date: 28th Dec 2017

New Features

  • Now add Services as Items and charge it on Invoice/SO/PO/Bills.
  • Bulk Option to add Products to Warehouse
  • Bulk Option to import Warehouses & Bins


  • Sales Order and Invoice will give notifications on Items if there is an open Sales Order with "On Hold for Client" Items .

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixed with Warehouse & Bin while Updating record.
  • Language error with View Categories Fixed.


Release Date: 18th Dec 2017

New Features

  • SMS Functionality on Invoice Overdue
  • Email Notification on Payment by Customer
  • Due Date Calculation in Invoice Module based on Customer Credit Day or Global Setting Invoice Due Days.
  • Side Bookmark Menu added on Top Panel for quick help.


  • UOM's  added at Initial Setup
  • Low Stock Email Notification to Selected User in Setting a
  • Product Taxes Selection based on Subscription (GST Billing, Composite or Basic).
  • Settings Module GUI Enhanced with Separate Options.
  • Settings Module new options like SMS Over Due and Email Notification on Payment received by Customer.
  • Customer without Contact will create basic contact as per customer information.

Bug Fixes

  • Introduction of Hindi & Gujarati Language error solved
  • Error when using on Mac/Windows in Discount Calculation - Invoice & SO Module corrected
  • Products Deleted View error fixed.
  • Incorrect Spelling in Products Category View.
  • Removal of VAT TAX AMOUNT from PO and Global Settings.
  • Total Amount was incorrectly displayed in SO Views


Release Date: 7th Dec 2017

New Features:

  • Banking
  • Expenses
  • Bill Payments
  • Account Categories
  • UOMs


  • New View for Suppliers
  • New Charts added on Dashboard for quick reference.
  • Payment Credit / Debit
  • Dashboard GUI enhanced
  • Invoice Printing / Viewing with Discount Percentage
  • Export to Excel Enhancement in Supplier & Bills.
  • Single Bill/Invoice Search in Payment
  • Filtering Only Unpaid Invoices/Bills in Payment
  • Invoice/Bill Created Date

Bug Fix

  • Multiple Invoice Payments Bug Fix


Release Date: 5th Nov 2017

New Features

  • Unit of Measurement Module Added


Release Date: 15th Oct 2017

New Features

  • New User Interface
  • GST Reporting - GSTR-1
  • Feedback Option Inline
  • State Code Automated


  • Customer Account Statement issue fixed.
  • Translation Issue fixed
  • Invoices Export Issue Fixed.
  • New Product with Preferred GST Tax Selection as per GST Billing and Union Territory Options.
  • Restock Filtering Message correction.


Release Date: 1st Oct 2017


  • Product, Logo, Avatar and Restock image upload issue fixed.
  • Invoice and SalesOrder Module Creation got notification for lower stock and higher sell.
  • Adding New Product with 0 Quantity was ended with error is fixed.


Release Date: 15th Sep 2017

New Features

  • PO Module Added


Release Date: 15th Aug 2017

New Features

  • Billing Module Added


  • Fixed issue in calculating GST Tax Rate for Union Territory States is fixed.


Release Date: 1st July 2017

  • Initial Release Version 1.0.0